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You might not know who a process server is – unless you’ve watched the hit American legal drama TV show Suits. If you haven’t, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through it.
Whenever you’re taking legal action against anyone, whether it’s a lawsuit, prosecution, or tort, the person involved should be notified. However, as far as the law is concerned, procedures require proof. You can’t simply ring somebody and tell them they’re due in court. Otherwise, unethical people and corporations would rip other people off and make false accusations against them. To make things concrete and official, you must deliver the documents to the concerned through a process server. The process server handles the delivery of the documents and provides evidence of it to the court.

The Significance of Process Servers
Process servers initiate a legal proceeding. Even though you can do it yourself, but a lot can go wrong—you can miss the deadline, make mistakes, and break any rules unknowingly. To avoid risking your case, it is imperative that a competent process serving is hired.
But, process servers are much more than your “legal delivery personnel.” Sometimes people—who are in danger of being sued—flee away in an attempt not to be found. In such situations, process servers can come to your service as they can find people who’ve gone undercover. They can also help manage your case, particularly if you’re working without an attorney. Since they are aware of legal jargons and affairs, they can also assist you in:
• Searching for crucial pieces of evidence and documents
• Filing of court documents
• Submitting documents within any deadlines
• Preventing any court violations from occurring
In extreme cases, immoral people also retort to violence if that means keeping them away from being served legal papers. They might even go as far as threatening you or anybody involved in the case. Luckily, process servers operate incognito to ensure that your documents are processed as soon as possible, and you’re protected from any violence.

Process Server Guys is a New York-based company that has been serving the legal community with fast processing services since 2008. Our process servers are skilled and experienced enough to provide you with quality processing services that are applicable to several cases such as lawsuits, divorces, leasing, and personal injuries.

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