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How can bad process service invalidate my case?

Process service NYC

The process of service plays a significant role in legal actions people take against other. They help deliver legal documents in a litigation process to individuals involved in a case, like defendants, witnesses, or other parties mentioned in the legal proceedings.

Every state has distinct regulations on who can be a process server and how they can serve the documents. It is important to note that a slight mistake in service can invalidate the entire case. However, there are certain things that process servers cannot do, including threatening, breaking in the property, trespassing, going through the mailbox, or forcefully delivering the documents. Such an action can nullify your case and may bring upon severe consequences.

Improper process of service:

Rules and regulations may differ from state to state, but it is essential to follow them in the correct order to avoid rendering your case.

The inaccuracy of time-limit:

It is essential to complete the process of service accurately and within the required timeframe to reduce the perils of default judgments or non-compliance.

For instance, If you plan to take someone to a trial, you need to notify them within 120 days of the charges against them after the court files an index number. It is crucial to inform the other party of their offenses or their consequences in court. Your case may not formally begin or become invalid if your process of service fails to deliver the documents within the required time limit.

The carelessness of the process server:

An inexperienced process server can leave the documents on the doorstep, drop them in the mailbox, slip them under the door, or mail them to the offender instead of carrying a face-to-face delivery. Such carelessness can result in situations where the guilty party may never receive the documents and file a complaint against you, therefore overturning your case.

False affidavit:

It is the sole responsibility of the process server to file an appropriate affidavit of service with the court. The court could prosecute the person for perjury who takes an oath on the affidavit of services if they declare details provided as false, which can negate your case.

Compliant method of service:

For a successful process of service and efficient case handling, the process server must follow compliant methods.

The process depends on the jurisdiction, kind of case, or type of court. The most efficient way to serve papers is through personal and face-to-face delivery to the defendant. Some courts may allow the delivery of legal documents through mail, by publication, or by attaching the papers at the defendant’s home or workplace entrance. Anyhow, it is crucial to hand the documents over to the rightful defendant for the significant procession of the legal case as a slight mistake can cause a significant delay that could cost you significant legal fees.\

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Process serving is a sensitive process. A single mistake can compromise the case and also your future.

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