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Body camera program

Our process serving is performed with a body camera active at all times. You may have some concerns about this, so we are going to put your worries to rest, now. In New York, where we perform our services, it is completely legal for us to use body cameras to film the serving process. It is not required that we receive consent from the person being filmed, and we do provide some courtesies out of respect and good faith.
The people we serve are always aware of the fact that they are being recorded. Our servers wear their cameras openly and within sight to ensure that they are being upfront about the presence of a camera. We do not attempt to hide anything.
Furthermore, the footage is protected and kept private from the public and all parties involved except for in two cases: if the footage is necessary to prove that the defendant was served in a Traverse Hearing, we will use the footage to prove that we in fact delivered the paperwork and the recipient acknowledged that they knew what it was. We also make it available to you under the circumstance that you find it necessary.
This body camera service protects our workers from claims of illegal or inappropriate behavior, and provides you with a proof that the recipient was served if they decide to challenge the court. If you still have any question or doubt, please reach us out, and one of our professional representatives will explain the whole process.