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We take pride in our work.
We understand the important role we play in the legal system.
We don’t stop until we get results.

The PSG Advantage

No Serve - No Pay

We don’t believe in getting paid if we don’t get the job done

Body Cam Service

Proof that the recipient was served in case they decide to challenge service.

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For NYC lawyers and law firms.

About Us

We Have Been Proudly Serving Process In NYC Since 2008

We take pride in our work. We understand the important role we play in the legal system. Serving someone can prove difficult and stressful. We are problem solvers who work hard to make it a simplistic, time efficient and flexible process. We don’t stop until we get results.

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No Serve - No Fee

At Process Server Guys, we do not believe in getting paid for work we did not do. We guarantee our service with a special program called “No Serve-No Fee”. When you come to us, we either deliver meaningful results, or we pay you back.
This works with a repayment system. You prepay us for our services, or if we have a working relationship with you, we will allow you to open an ongoing account with us. If we are unable to serve the documents or if anything goes wrong that is our fault, we give your money back.
The only time your money will not be returned is if you provide us with the wrong information. This can mean that you gave us the wrong address or recipient, or that you sent us to a vacant property. All other mishaps are on us.

Body Camera Program

Our process serving is performed with a body camera active at all times. You may have some concerns about this, so we are going to put your worries to rest, now. In New York, where we perform our services, it is completely legal for us to use body cameras to film the serving process. It is not required that we receive consent from the person being filmed, and we do provide some courtesies out of respect and good faith.

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